Led screens small and big format

panel de herradura

Lania Visuals is specialist in big format screens implemented with led technology, in indoor or outdoor location. Our big format screens offer a large area of viewing, making them an ideal device to transmitting all kind of events. Lania Visuals offers a wide range of big screens format with high quality market performance. We make turnkey worldwide projects and to be sure that your company achieve the big format screen that really needs, our professional team will guided you in all related to the screen election and installation. All our screens have a front part that improve optical characteristics and have been installed on durable structures with IP66 certification that resistance warranty to meteorology erosions. Communication with Lania Visuals screens is simple and intuitive with our specific software. In Lania Visuals we take care of our customers due to this we have a 24 hours after-sales service. You can speak with one of our experts and solve any problem with your screens when you need it..

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