Merchandising of led screens

The audiovisual format is the large format to take the consumers attention. Through his company screens can communicate simply and effectively your message.

Lania has expertise in sale and merchandising LEDs screens. LEDs are rugged and trusted devices that also has a long duration. LEDs are able to transform the energy directly in light. This allow an important costs saving, due to this from the first moment of screen turns on, LEDs work at 100%  of intensity, without flashes, regardless of temperature.

Lania LEDs screens have been designed and manufactured following our own specifications, giving to both procedures all our experience of more than 20 years in the sector.


Merchandising of indoor and outdoor LED screens, fitting lighting and size needs (small and big format) to customer needs, with screens that have high quality benefits.

Our screens have a front part that improves optical characteristics. All screens are installed in high quality durable structures and with resistance warranty to meteorology erosions. Their modular designs allow an easy and quick assembly.

comunicación de europa

 Distance is not a problem,

we can arrive to any place of the world and offer the best possible service.

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