We offer you a multidisciplinary team highly qualified in led technology.



Designed equipments with our specifications that could be adapted to multiples applications.



We travel around the Word with the intention of offering the best service.



After-sales service of any brand regardless of who has make the installation.

LANIA VISUALS is the result of work and effort of a team of professionals highly qualified.

During our more than 20 years of experience in audiovisuals installations, we have accumulated a valuable knowhow that nowadays allow us to give to your company knowledge, and real and personalised solutions to your projects.

Aware of the importance that nowadays has to our customers the power to offer the best sensorial experience to the users through quality screens, Lania offers you equipments that have been designed and manufactured with our own specifications. We develop and manufactured our own products, working with major brands of the sector.

Our equipments join new technologies with environmental concern, and sustainable development, due to this the energy saving has a distinguished role in all our solutions.

Lania merchandise and rent big screens, perimeter systems and totems for all kind of events, in indoor or outdoor location.

Our equipments have to be installed in durable structures that guarantee the maximum security and structures that have the IP66 certification that guarantee resistance to meteorology erosions.

The large experience of Lania team allows us to offer you solutions in engineering, architecture or after-sales service, developing turnkey projects.

We know that the objective of screens is to get the attention of the users and achieve with this the objective of your company. To be sure that the screen really helps to achieve your objectives, our professional team will advise you about the best possible solution to make your project a success.

The screen maintenance is essential to a good working of them, due to this Lania offers an efficient and regular maintenance service that increase the duration of your electronic equipments.

To suit your needs we offer you different modalities of preventive and/or corrective maintenance. We offer to all our customers, with maintenance service or not, a 24 hours online after-sales service, to contact with a Lania’s professional when you need it.

We also have a technician training service to all our customers, to know the equipment they bought or rented.

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