Las pantallas se han convertido ya en algo habitual en las carreteras, algunas son meramente publicitarias, pero otras, como las de tráfico, tienen una importante función que cumplir y por eso es conveniente que siempre estén en buenas condiciones.

The variable message signals and screens have already become usual on the roads, some are merely advertising, but others, such as traffic ones, have an important function to commit to and that’s the reason why it is advisable that they are always in the best conditions.

 Variable message signals are useful for reminding drivers the importance of respecting traffic regulations and usually display information such as the maximum speed of the road or remind them of the obligation to wear a seat belt. But in addition, they are the best way to report incidents that affect traffic, such as works on the way that are being carried out, a vehicle breakdown or the fact that an accident has occurred.

 Traffic panels have been present on the roads for many years, but it’s important to still innovate its technology continuously. Nowadays, the current trend is to achieve panels that are much easier to handle and maintain, and therefore that have more energetic efficiency, without quitting good visibility.

 The most popular solution to update VMS is the replacement kit: changing the electronic display and control boards of the sign. This update makes possible to replace the old and complex network of cables with a simple board that makes maintenance easier and therefore also cheaper.

 The boards incorporate the latest technology in LEDs that significantly reduce the energy consumption of each sign, also requiring less maintenance than traditional signals. Moreover, changing the electronic display of the signals represents a double saving, both energy and maintenance. Otherwise, we can add the fact that this update will let a better display for drivers without causing them any blinding, improving so road safety.

Economic earnings of changing or updating VMS boards



Variable message Signs for traffic




What in the past was a chaotic framework of wires and with a difficult maintenance…

Changing to an innovative solution, a future investment.

With continuously engineering updates to provide new solutions.

Guaranteeing loyalty and continuously client attendance. 

With own after-sales service.

Adaptable for every PMV producer, national and international. 

” With LEDs of the newest technology that reduce energetic consumption and maintenance”

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