VSL/LCS Signals

Variable and Hidden Signs

Our lane control and speed control signals are compact and safe devices, with the highest reliability and easy maintenance.

Señales de tráfico LV AF de Lania Visuals

These signs make it possible to replace traditional (static) signs, significantly increasing their visibility.

VSL (Variable Speed Limit)

These signs show the speed limit, of two or three digits and that is completely variable, adapting to the needs of the road.

We have indoor and outdoor models, with different sizes, and with all the adaptable conditions (Sustainable power supply, openings, control).

LCS (Lane Cross Signs)

Our signs show the feasibility of designated lanes and guide drivers. They are totally variable according to the needs that the control center wishes to indicate at any given time.

Lania AF signals always have a double offset, regardless of the adaptation that is made (aperture, measurements, power supply), being an advantage to be able to show all the indication options.

100% National Technology

We develop and manufacture our own products

Renewable Energy

Adapted to Nowadays environmental needs

International Protocol

EN12966 homologated producer

NTCIP and DGT-EU protocols


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