Sustainable Consumption Products

Energy-efficient and sustainable products, with the possibility of solar energy operation

Lania joins the needs of today’s world by adapting its products to a green format, based on sustainable production, and improving energy efficiency, using renewable energy as a power source for its electronics, in this case, with solar energy.

the fact that it consumes less energy means that we do not need to use fans, making the overall energy efficiency much higher. This is one of the products that distinguishes us the most.

Productos Consumo Sostenible de Señalización Vial

This supplying and production system provides a lower CO2 footprint and, in addition, great energy efficiency for our customers, while also being respectful of our planet.

Today’s environmental needs require changes in our products and in our way of production.

100% National Technology

We develop and manufacture our own products

Renewable Energy

Adapted to Nowadays environmental needs

International Protocol

EN12966 homologated producer

NTCIP and DGT-EU protocols


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