Variable Message Signs with LED technology

Manufacturer of VMS systems with 100% european technology

Lania Visuals designs and manufactures any type of variable message signal, compatible with European standards and guidelines (EN-12966) and adapted to any circumstance or required specification.


Variable message panels with LED technology are a solution that facilitates the flow of traffic and reduces the impact of accidents and other
road circumstances.

Due to this the number of VMS systems is growing rapidly.

Own production

Lania Visuals manufactures road display equipment for road signage.

Energy Efficient

Efficient energy devices and the ability to display multiple signals depending on traffic conditions, road requirements and guidelines of control center.

Excellent visibility

Excellent visibility on the road, regardless of season or weather conditions, remote control via wired or wireless technology, with various control protocols and the use of the highest quality materials are the great advantages of Lania Visuals' PMV solutions.

Thanks to continuous development we make use of a up to date technology, allowing Lania to be one of the few manufacturers that can adapt renewable energy solutions to all our products, due to the low power consumption of our panels,
and is therefore a much more energy-efficient product.

Our engineering solutions extend the life cycle of the VMS by more than 10 years thanks to recent components with a long technical and commercial life.

100% National Technology

We develop and manufacture our own products

Renewable Energy

Adapted to Nowadays environmental needs

International Protocol

EN12966 homologated producer

NTCIP and DGT-EU protocols


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